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Fine Impressions Gallery is a fine art print gallery offering a wide selection of original antique and contemporary handmade prints and other works on paper, including watercolors and drawings. We have something for every interest, including architecture, botanicals, maps, birds, historical subjects, literary subjects, satire, costumes, and much more. Our professional framing services will protect and display your artwork, providing a lifetime of enjoyment.

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"Tokyo Yamagata Nagoya
Gunma JAPON Mars-Juin 1987"
Marc Chagall
Lithograph, 1987

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Moving on from relief and intaglio prints, we will be looking at planographic prints for the month of June. As signified from the name, planographic prints are printed on a single plane with no carving or incising on the plate. The image is drawn or painted onto the plate, which gives them a more painterly style than other forms of printmaking. Lithographs, chromolithographs, monoprints and monotypes are all forms of planographic prints. Continue reading to learn more about these processes and see some examples from our collection.

Lithograph: Lithographs, from the Greek lithos for stone and graph for write, use the repellency of oil and water to create the printed image. The preferred surface is rare Bavarian limestone although some artists use zinc or aluminum plates. The artists draws the image with a greasy medium such as a lithograph pencil or tusche, then wets the whole plate or stone. The water is repelled by the drawn greasy image but will soak into the rest of the plate. When the artist inks the plate, the ink will then stick to the drawn image and not to the rest of the moistened plate. The resulting image has the fine quality of a drawing and the tonal value is unlimited.

"Air France: Rome"
Lithograph, 1959

"Mt. Rainier" 21/55
Ella Sophonisba Hergesheimer
Lithograph, c.1930

"Halcyon Atricapillus
(Black-capped Kingfisher)"
John Gould
Hand Colored Lithograph,
$1,200.00 Matted

Chromolithograph: Chromolithography, a method for making color lithographs, was developed in the mid-19th century. A chromolithograph requires a separate stone or plate for each color and great skill is needed to register or align the plates perfectly. Highly skilled chromolithographers sometimes used dozens of plates, producing rich, complex surfaces. In this detailed form, the process was used primarily from the 1860’s to the 1920’s.

"Amaranth, Beet,
Goosefoot" Plate 175
Anne Pratt
Chromolithograph, c.1850

"Octagonal Coffer or Panel
Designs in Neo-Grec Style"
George Ashdown Audsley
Chromolithograph, 1892

"Venezia: Chiesa di
S. Maria della Salute"
Unknown Artist
Chromolithograph Postcard
$20.00 Matted

Monotype: With monoprints, the artist paints on a plate, and then prints the image, either by hand or with an etching press. After the first printing, the artist often paints added layers or design elements on the plate, and prints added layers. Monotypes have a painterly appearance and the technique allows the artist to produce a wide variety of images. In monotype, only one unique impression is made from a plate – there are no editions in monotype. The artist may use the plate to print similar images, but none will be identical.

"Language Meditation
VI: Left Unsaid" 1/1
Josie Dickhoff

"Mermaid" 1/16
John Moilanen
Monotype, 1999

"Camellia Broccade" 1/1
April Richardson

Monoprint: To make a monoprint, the artist starts with either a printed monotype or with a clear plate, and then uses various mediums and methods to create or change the image. For example, the artist may add texture by printing with a textured surface of some kind. Or, the artist may start with another print, such as an engraving, and make it unique by adding a monotype layer over it or under it.

"Untitled" AP 1/3
Tyler Clarke
Monoprint & Etching, 2006

"Blue Face on Green"
Patrick Burke
Monoprint, 1993

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